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Plain Ridge

Plain Ridge Sheet is a widely demanded roofing sheet for which we are considered an acclaimed manufacturer for our clients. It is precisely designed using the best quality raw material along with the help of progressive machinery at our unit under the strict vigilance of professionals. Our experts conduct quality inspections prior to dispatch to make sure that Plain Ridge Sheet is easy to install, durable, dimensionally accurate, tamper proof and weather resistant. This has gained us huge acknowledgement from our clients leading to high rising demands.

We are a producer and supplier of a comprehensive range of this Plain Ridge with a clearly defined quality control system. In accordance with industry standards, the provided ridge is produced utilising raw materials of the highest calibre and cutting-edge technology. A variety of sizes and specifications are offered for the Plain Ridge we supply. Additionally, this ridge receives great marks in the market for its precise dimensions and durable design.

Profile Ridge

The Profile Ridge was designed in order to achieve the look of a traditional bedded ridge. However, it has all the benefits that a modern dry ridge system provides, such as secure mechanical fixing and appropriate ventilation.

A ventilation strip is incorporated into the Profile Ridge system for the purpose of supporting the ridges and providing high level ventilation. As a result of ridge unions, each ridge is effectively sealed, giving the appearance of a mortar joint with a thickness of 10mm.

As part of the complete system and to enhance aesthetics, profile fillers are included. To ensure correct orientation, both fillers and ventilation strips are marked.

Benefits of a High Profile Z-Ridge:


Water Gutter

Rainfall in South India often resembles downpours rather than small showers. In comparison to many other regions on earth, we receive approximately 3107 mm of rainfall per year.

Despite being life-giving and pure, rainwater can also have devastating effects on our buildings. It is even possible for bad roofing to cause structural disintegration and leaks.

In case of continuous downpours, roofs can become flooded, leading to even more serious issues such as water leaks inside our homes. In addition, normal roofing systems often allow rainwater to flow along the walls, damaging the paint job and the walls.

Roof rain water gutters are available in a variety of sizes and are widely used in many industries. A rainwater harvesting system can also be used with these gutters to drain water from the roof of an industrial building.

Gutters are manufactured according to your specifications or we can design them based on the size and shape of your roof. As a result, you don’t need to worry at all.


Barge Cap

Complete the edge of your roofing with quality Stratco Barge Capping. Square Barge Capping provides a neat finish and can be ordered in a range of sizes. Roll Barge Capping has an attractive curved edge that blends corrugated roofing. Whether you want to install it yourself or require assistance, we are here to help. Contact us for pricing and further details today.

Stratco offers several different styles of Barge Capping to complete the edge of your roofing. Square Barges provide a neat finish and can be ordered in a variety of sizes to fit any style of roof sheeting. Roll barges have a curved edge that creates a traditional form that blends with corrugated sheeting. Check with your state to see the styles available. 

Corner Flashings

Roofing corner flashings are used where vertical walls penetrate roofs or on decks or garages where floor-to-wall corners intersect. With their prefabricated edges, these corners will satisfy your needs long after your job is completed. Designed from high-quality galvanized steel, they feature fully soldered seams for maximum waterproofing. 

Roof flashings are metal strips made of either ZINCALUME® or COLORBOND® steel that are folded and attached both to the roof and the walls. Its main function is to prevent rainwater from entering your home and falling to the ground. The metal roof flashing accomplishes this by funneling the water down to the ground using gravity. The walls and footings of your home can be damaged if you do not have this roofing material. Roofs can also be protected from rainwater pooling by this material.

On two-slope roofs with a center peak, gable and rake flashings provide a barrier that prevents water from penetrating the roof wood as well as protecting the roof wood.

Features :

DownTake Pipe

A rainwater down take pipe is a pipe that is used to direct rainwater away from a building, typically from roof guttering to a drainage system. A rainwater down take pipe is a pipe that is used to direct rainwater away from a building, typically from roof guttering to a drainage system. It is sometimes also referred to as a downspout, drain spout, roof drain pipe or leader.

Our product includes down take pipes. The quality we provide is rigorously tested first under expert supervision. Trusted since 18 Years 10 Months 25 Days , we are committed to promote essential quality of the products at reasonable prices. We have expertise and diversity in our products range which also includes . We are based out of Bengaluru.

This Down Take Pipe, which will be placed in some locations, conveys water directly into the storage tank from the roof or gutters. Its bigger mouth minimises splashing, which saves water. Due to its lightweight design and lack of corrosion, this down Take Pip was chosen. Compared to the metal equivalents, it is smoother, making it simpler to obtain, install, and repair while allowing for higher flow rates. Regarding quality and durability, it is amazing.


Endwall flashing

End-wall flashing is applied where the upward slope of a roof meets a wall. The wall side of the flashing can be covered with siding or counter-flashing, and outside closures are necessary to seal between the flashing and the panel.


Endwall flashing is installed on a vertical wall and then fastens to the top of the metal roofing panel. It’s located on the upward slope of the roof and is bent to the same pitch. The purpose of endwall trim is to help control the flow of water which will protect your structure.


Endwall flashing trim is used for attaching a lean-to, roof or similar to a wall. This is a flashing to make the transition from the wall to the roof, so there are no leaks at the connection. You need to order the trim with the right pitch for your roof or connection. The trim is flat without notches for the panels.


PUF Panels

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