Z and C Purlins

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Z and C Purlins

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Roofing Solutions

Z and C Purlins

Purlins are precision roll-formed from high-strength steel to provide efficient, lightweight, and economical roofing and cladding support for structural steel buildings. Sigma sections and purlins are easy to install and can be used on both insulated and non-insulated roofs and walls. A purlin’s thickness and height are determined by the span length and load.

As a result of the Sigma Purlins shape, it provides an efficient, robust profile suitable for both short spans and long spans. The majority of popular building types do not require sag rods. Purlin sections require sleeves to provide continuity across the supporting rafters. As a result, the most popular system, double spanning, has been developed to reduce the number of sleeves and components, thus resulting in a reduction in installation time and component cost.

Additionally, simplicity and duplication have been taken into account when designing the sleeves. Sleeves are all the same length with the same longitudinal dimensions, reducing the chance of errors.

Z Purlins

The Z purlin is a basic component of fast-track construction that serves as a secondary member of the steel structure. Despite their high strength to weight ratio, these purlins are low cost (as a result of their high strength to weight). These Z purlins are a horizontal beam that forms the roof and wall joists of a building shell.

C Purlins

C purlins, as their name implies, are formed like the letters in the C alphabet, and are used mostly to support walls and floors. Roof decks and sheathing are supported by these horizontal structures. As a result of its plane surface on one side, this purlin is a popular cladding material for concrete and steel structures.



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