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Pre-Engineering Building

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Pre Engineered Building

A pre-engineered building is a factory-built steel structure which is bolted together on site. A design & build building is different from other types of buildings because the contractor also designs it. Ideally suited to industrial buildings and warehouses, this style of construction is cheap, fast to build and can be dismantled and moved. Tapered sections are used in tailor-made buildings based on client requirements and actual design calculations. In some cases, Pre Engineered Buildings (PEBs) can be lighter than conventional steel buildings.

Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEBs) can be produced according to client specifications. This segment is supported by the company’s latest machinery. Columns, Rafters, and other Accessories are designed in accordance with international structural standards and are manufactured with high quality welding techniques.
By collecting the exact dimensions of the shed / building (viz: length, width, height, etc) at the factory, PEB structures can be manufactured/fabricated with high tensile steel.

Advantages of Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEBs):

Standard Material Specification

1. Primary Members

The primary structural framing includes the transverse rigid frames, lean-to-rafters and columns; canopy rafters; interior columns bearing load of same rafters and corner column that supports wind loads on end walls.

2. Secondary Members

Additional framing for secondary structures shall include purlins, girts, eave struts and wind bracing.

3. Paint on Structural Members

All architectural members must be cleaned up by wire brushing to get rid of dirt, oil, loose mill scale and one shop coat of red oxide. Sand blasting and a special safety finish are available at the customer’s option.

4. Roof & Wall Sheeting / Flashing and Trim

Accessories may be made from either Bare Galvalume or Color Coated Galvalume, as agreed upon with the client.

5. Sheeting Fasteners

Sheet metal screws with neoprene washers may be used as the standard fastener.

6. Sealer / Rope Seal

Sealer / Rope Seal shall be applied wherever necessary.

7. Anchor Bolts and Templates

The anchor bolts will be black finished to match the columns and they will be made in accordance with templates that have been designed to fit each column base plate.



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