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Eco - Ventilators

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Eco - Ventilators

Our turbo ventilator (Eco Ventilator) is a self-driven machine used on industrial roofs to extract the air inside. The turbo ventilator is driven by wind, so it does not require electricity or other sources of power. A wind-powered Eco ventilator exhausts stale interior air and enhances the flow of fresh air inward as stale air passes through it.

Why to use Turbo Ventilator?

Why to use Turbo Ventilator?

How does it work?

Turbine ventilators induce air flow by centrifugal action using the velocity of the wind. By spinning the vanes, centrifugal force creates a low-pressure area, which draws air out through the vanes. A constant supply of fresh air is drawn in from the outside to replace the air drawn out by the vanes. The slightest breeze will cause the turbine to spin. Even after the breeze has stopped, the flywheel effect of the rotor cage will use its stored energy to continuously remove air giving rise to ventilation. Despite low wind speeds, the suction remains constant.

Benefits of an Eco Ventilator

Ventilation can be provided through doors or windows if the building’s interior becomes hot and stuffy. However, stale and hot air does not disperse by itself and opening doors or windows is simply not sufficient to provide adequate ventilation in most areas.

Furthermore, the turbo ventilator prevents condensation by extracting moisture from air, and in the event of a fire, it will extract smoke and fumes to prevent the building from becoming smoke-filled.



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