Metal Deck Sheets


Metal Deck Sheets

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Metal Deck Sheets

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Roofing Solutions

Metal Deck Sheets

Metal Deck must have been familiar to you if you worked in the construction industry and wanted to build large buildings.

Corrugated steel deck sheets are cold-formed sheets supported by steel joists or beams. This can be used to support a concrete roof or an insulating membrane.
In order to provide a structurally efficient roof and floor system, it was developed.
Steel is designed and manufactured to produce a high strength-to-weight ratio that reduces material handling and erection costs while maintaining durability.

Even after being a structural component and having a uniform design, metal decks can still produce an attractive appearance, especially when they are properly coated in the shop or in the field. Additionally, steel decks are key components of several fire-rated assemblies.

Markets today offer a wide range of metal deck products, but they are generally divided into two categories: roof decks and composite floor decks. A metal deck is an element of a structural panel that forms a floor or roof surface. Roll-shaped steel sheets of solid consistency are used for the deck and are designed to stretch over purlins or joists.

Variations in a deck’s thickness, shape, and depth can be used to meet a variety of loading conditions. The supporting structure is fastened so that it can act as a diaphragm and provide lateral support for the framework.

The deck sheets we manufacture are designed to be as load-bearing as possible at an optimal cost. There are different grades and variants of this product. Some options include high tensile grade, different GSM and coated deck sheets.




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