Color Coated Roof Sheets

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Color Coated Roof Sheets

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Roofing Solutions

Color Coated Roof Sheets

In terms of building either residential or commercial structures, roofing is a crucial component. Every building needs a stable, strong roof that can protect the inhabitants from the elements. Technology has created a variety of roofing materials in recent years. Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of colour-coated roofing sheets among these. As a result of their durability and flexibility, they are easy to install.

Depending on the application, colour-coated roofing sheets can be used in different places such as offices, car parks, warehouses, restaurants, garages, go-downs, manufacturing industries, etc. Below are some of their benefits.

Crimp Curved Sheet is one of the most well-known products. It is specifically designed to provide a perfect curve to the sheet metal. The automatic and precision controlled operations ensure precise forming of sheet metal into panels that helps in meeting the demands of metal buildings, which have combined curved walls and roof panels. Our skilled professionals monitor the manufacturing process to ensure quality and finish.

Technical Specifications


It is made from Zinc coating that increase the roof life. The Sheets are Strong, Durable and Consistent in their properties

Pre-painted PPGI Steel

Thickness (TCT) :0.40 mm-0.60 mm
Metallic Coating : Z 120 (total on both sides) Higher or lower coating optional.
Tensile Strength :340-550 Mpa
Paint Coating :RMP/SMP
Paint Thickness :18-22 micron on Top &
5-8 micron primer on bottom
Thickness Tolerance :As per ISI
Standard followed :IS 14246/277, JIS G3312


It is made from Zinc & Aluminum. This Ensure maximum strength for every sheet. The sheet  is very high Quality and Strength.  It stands all kinds of weather. be it heavyrains, salty sae air , cold snow areas or heat.

Pre-painted JSW(PPGL) / BGL Steel

Thickness (TCT) :0.40 mm-0.60 mm
Metallic Coating :Zinc - Aluminium Alloy Coating AZM150 Higher or lower coating optional.
Tensile Strength :550 Mpa
Paint Coating :RMP/SMP
Paint Thickness : 18-22 micron on Top &
5-8 micron primer on bottom
Thickness Tolerance:As per ISI
Standard followed :IS277, ASTM1397/A755/A792, JISG3321/3322
Combination :55% Al, 43.4% Zn & 1.5-1.6% Si.


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Strictly tested on rigorous quality parameters, the weather roofing sheets offered by us are cast out of aluminum or zinc alloys. These sheets are further coated with tensile steel. The anti-capillary groove prevents leaks and keeps everything secure.

In roof drainage systems, eaves gutters catch water that runs off the roof and are part of a fascia. Because they are lightweight, durable, and finely finished, these gutters are highly demanded.

Roofing corner flashings are used where vertical walls penetrate roofs or on decks or garages where floor-to-wall corners intersect. With their prefabricated edges, these corners will satisfy your needs long after your job is completed. Designed from high-quality galvanized steel, they feature fully soldered seams for maximum waterproofing. 

The Profile Ridge was designed in order to achieve the look of a traditional bedded ridge. However, it has all the benefits that a modern dry ridge system provides, such as secure mechanical fixing and appropriate ventilation.