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Tile Profile Sheets

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Roofing Solutions

Tile Profile Sheets :

We provide traditional and popular tiled roofing sheet. It is used for the residential and commertial purpose. Strictly tested on rigorous quality parameters, the weather roofing sheets offered by us are cast out of aluminum or zinc alloys. These sheets are further coated with tensile steel. The anti-capillary groove prevents leaks and keeps everything secure. In addition to the waterproof roofing sheet’s availability in a variety of colors, it adds more polish to the appearance of a structure that is already very clever and crafty. It is crafted with subtle square fluting to yield better output results. To provide firm strength for roofing applications, it has a minimum yield strength of 550 MPa. These are colored with well-prepared and galvanized paints to make the product entirely resistant to water, heat or any variations of change in climate.

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Water Ponding:-

A solution to ponding water on flat roofs with poor slopes using the Sunshine Roofing waterproofing system.

In flat roofs that display poor construction and design, it is rather common to encounter the phenomenon of standing water. Due to the lack of slope and drainage issues on a flat roof, water can easily remain for extended periods of time and cause the ponding effect.

Water ponding occurs when rainwater remains on a roof for more than 48 hours after it ends.

This phenomenon may cause long-term water leakage issues and the need for costly repairs. Additionally, the negative effects may decrease the longevity of the roof substrate if more leaks occur. This leads to concrete corrosion, as well as damage to the existing roofing sheet.

Liquid waterproofing solutions can prevent such problems in the future, but can also be used for post-repair work. A liquid applied waterproofing membrane with high ponding water resistance remains bonded with great adhesion to the substrate. This offers an excellent layer of protection, especially when puddles form on the roof due to poor slope design. One way to test if the existing applied membrane keeps its adhesion abilities is to press it on the ponding areas.

A waterproofing membrane without proper ponding water resistance will start blistering and peeling, resulting in roof system’s degradation.

As elastomeric membranes with high UV, chemical and mechanical resistance, our waterproofing membranes offer excellent water resistance, and zero shrinkage rates. These membranes provide protection against harsh environmental conditions.


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