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Louver Windows:

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Louver Windows:

Depending on the type of window, louver windows are either made from metal, vinyl, wood, or a type of glass. There are holes on either side of these windows that resemble Venetian blinds.

In louver windows, the blades can open outward. It has rotating blades because it is a louver window. There is a 180-degree rotation capability for these rotating blades. When the blades are closed, they sit flush against the wall. The highest level of ventilation control is provided by them.

Take advantage of a cool summer breeze by opening them completely. It is also possible to leave them slightly open in order to facilitate ventilation. This helps to prevent condensation. Louvers should be placed above head height to ensure privacy. Maximizes airflow. As well as helping with coloring and drying, it can also help ensure uniformity. There are various angles at which louver windows open. So that the surface may be exposed to the sun from all directions.

Advantages of Louvers Window

Louver windows have several advantages, which are mentioned below:


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